The Office

When two young lawyers, Marina Chaves Alves and Maíra Beauchamp Salomi, got together with a common dream of practicing criminal law to the best professional standards, while protecting full entitlement to defense, and enshrined in the fundamental principles most cherished by the man in the street, the law firm Chaves Alves & Salomi Advogados was born, a small boutique specializing in Criminal Law, with a presence in litigation law and advisory services, where attention is personalized, confidential and discreet.

The office is active throughout Brazil and prides itself on excellence in services, with a dynamism, technique and performance fundamental to the uncompromising defense of our clients’ most cherished rights, without forgetting the social mission and the humanism inherent to criminal law.

The partners have extensive experience in Criminal Law, having been part of prestigious teams during their professional careers: Maíra Beauchamp Salomi was the sole partner of Dr. Márcio Thomaz Bastos during the final years of his unsurpassable career, while Marina Chaves Alves spent ten years in the front line at law firm Ráo, Pires e Chaves Alves Advogados.

Passionate about criminal advocacy and committed to strict ethical principles and respect for individual rights, the lawyers are experienced both in cases involving economic offences, as in the classic crimes, and in the investigation and procedural phase at state and federal level and at the superior courts.

The office’s lean and tight-knit structure ensures that clients receive a tailor-made service in all cases, with at least one of the partners participating in all lawsuits.

Located in the Jardins district, one of São Paulo’s key business and financial centers, Chaves Alves & Salomi Advogados ensures that its staff are constantly up to date, driven by the unrelenting search for excellence in law and its belief that professional success always goes hand-in-hand with reciprocal client-lawyer trust.